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One of the bigger islands in the Greater Antilles, Jamaica could be the third largest Anglophone country with regards to population. It’s area of the Commonwealth and contains an incredible and complicated history. Combine everything while using island’s location inside the Caribbean plus you’ve got an amazing place to go to.

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Nowhere Hills that go over a big part of the island certainly are a moist, moist region that’s well suited for growing coffee. The morning mist slows the maturation in the coffee plants creating a denser, more flavourful bean that’s famous for its exceptional quality. Each bean ought to be selected by hands which is processed immediately allowing the beans to ferment for roughly 24 hrs. This is often a unique step that’s peculiar to Jamaica and adds a distinctive tang to Blue Mountain Coffee. The coffee is going to be dried on the planet more than a couple of days until you are bundled into sacks to age for the next three several days. Wonderful that occuring, there’s generally something to find out when seeing a coffee plantation, regardless of season.



Captain Matthew Wallen traveled the planet to Jamaica in 1746 and settled lower to farm inside the Blue Hills. Wallenford Farm has cultivated coffee for 250 many could be the largest producer of Blue Mountain and Mountain coffee within the u . s . states. The business supports local schools and works together local maqui berries maqui berry farmers to make a lucrative crop making relationships within the community.

Wallenford can be a mill, no estate and so they process coffee grown by local maqui berries maqui berry farmers. This really is really the standard method of coffee farming in Jamaica and how that lots of plantations operate. The maqui berries maqui berry farmers are compensated a complete time earnings wage and also the organization sports ths infrastructure in the area.

Old Tavern Coffee Estate

This really is really the only real coffee estate inside the Blue Hills that’s grown, processed, packed and provided by one family. The estate reaches a greater altitude round the northern side in the hills in near-permanent mist and fog. The plant life is extremely slow growing and provide very flavourful beans. Your family also endeavors to utilize organic methods whenever feasible, while using the compost waste in the kitchen area to fertilise the plants. The processing tasks are transported out by hands as well as the beans are roasted with the cooking in small batches.

Old Tavern Coffee Estates concentrates on peaberry beans, a distinctive occurrence that simply results in a single bean per cherry rather of two. It’s most likely probably the most looked for-after types of coffee in the world as well as the estate carefully handpicks the peaberries for sale.

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory


Started by Cecil Munn in 1885 and expanded by his boy, M.B.C.F could be the only fully integrated processing facility, while using coffee from bean to cup. Inside the traditional manner, the business works together local maqui berries maqui berry farmers that grow coffee around their facility. M.B.C.F reaches 3000 foot, developing a slightly faster growing bean which can get enough cloud cover to obtain flavourful. The Jamaican coffee industry has strict geographical limitations that delineate where coffee might be grown but nonetheless referred to as “Blue Mountain” coffee and M.B.C.F is at to limit.

The factory functions fourth-generation Edgar Munn now produces two sizes of beans furthermore to part ways marketing of peaberries. Their coffee is provided beneath the brand Jablum and retails for roughly $55 1 lb.


Inside the foothills in the Catadupa Hills, Croyden is certainly an unpleasant bus ride from Montego Bay, however a helpful tour for visitors. They grow both coffee and pineapples giving vacationers a couple-for-one experience furthermore with a fabulous lunch. Your tour comes with some history too and you also’ll learn about Samuel Sharpe who was simply born here and died fighting to free the slaves that populated Jamaica.

RSW Estates

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A relative newcomer bought in 1961, the farm went from just as one abandoned estate with overgrown fields with a completely functional coffee plantation. The farm is very low-mechanism/high-work and uses handful of mechanical devices when processing their beans. Workers spread the beans by hands to dry and rake them every half an hour. After sorting for size by having an actual screen, the beans are individually inspected for quality and pass two additional quality checks before finally released for sale.

Coffee produced at RSW is very work intensive creating this the greatest local employer in the region. The business feels the greater quality bean is produced when the maqui berries maqui berry farmers are content and contains no purpose of growing in proportions at the risk of jeopardizing the harmonic balance they believe they’ve achieved.

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Adrian Gomez: Jamaica is a very beautiful Country. I love jamaican music. I'm also from the Caribbean, im from the Island of Cuba. Long live the Caribbean Nations.

demar simpson: want to visit cuba so badly, only 90 miles from us. wanna learn some spanish too

LAGDOW: It is beautiful land but bad history about slavery 

Jenni rren Unedited: The goats take the landscape for granted? This guy is speaking from his derriere. He is however promoting the beauty of Jamaica so I won't fight with him. I can't help hearing his pride in slavery and justification of Europeans creating a robust economy based on slave labour.. in disguise he celebrates his ancestors conquest with pride as he pretends that he is any different from his friends and family.. If he looks hard enough he will find the garrison he speaks of under his mothers dress, the long ones once worn by the british elites. There are no garrison in Jamaica only areas which wicked people make that way to keep black people in poverty. The music is so depressing that if he is trying to add ambiance it has failed miserably. But prejudice, bad music, and horrible misinformation will not detract from the beauty of Jamaica so I say thanks to this man for making this video.

verrrr1: Worst documentary EVER! And by the way if you are gonna make a documentary, you might wanna do your research. There are no alligators in Jamaica. We have CROCODILES. No dam alligators! The quality of the video was bad and and they didn't capture the best of Jamaica. They barely even showed Kingston.And what the hell is  Ochos Rios?  It's suppose be ocho Rios.

soulshadoww55: Wow, I don't know what this guy is talking about. I don't think he's even been to Jamaica, he's writing about what he read or heard. Has he ever been to Jamaica? I've been visiting Jamaica since the early 1980s and I've been all over the island and never had a problem with crime. I was born and raised in Washington D.C. in the U.S. and I've been held up with a gun, had my house robbed and my car broken into too many times to tell. But I've never had any problems walking the streets of Kingston, Ochi or Negril. I'm hoping that in ten more years I can retire to Jamaica and never have to come back to the U.S. I think that guy is just some troll trying to start lies and arguments on-line about some place he really has never experienced or been to. One love my Jamaican people. Big ups from Washington D.C.! \n

ally whitely: Yes it has drugs and those stuff but every other country has that but jamaica is still a beautiful country. Don't judge a book by it's cover .

Graham Martin: At 27:11 into the video the narrator informs us that in "1974 Erroll Flynn fell in love" with [Jamaiaca] and bought Navy Island. This would have been a little bit difficult since Flynn died in 1959! It's far more likely that he purchased the island in the late 40's or early 50's. The whole video makes one wonder if they did any research whatsoever!

Shanay Gilbert: I live in jamaica and was born in jamica I was so upset when I heard the pronunciation of ocho rios it hurt me :(

Graham Martin: I grew up in Jamaica in the late 1950's and early 60's. It is a beautiful island with beautiful people. The narrator really irked me by referring to Ocho Rios as Ochos Rios. There was even a graphic with the same incorrect spelling. Apparently the producers failed to notice the actual road signs with Ocho Rios on them.\n\nI've never been back since I left. I would like to return one day.