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Medellin coffee farm tour the cup and you

Round the Toucan Medellin Coffee Farm tour you’ll possess the opportunity to go to a geniune working coffee farm near the middle of Medellin. Make certain to achieve the camera ready in route after we drive-through Antioquia’s luscious eco-friendly landscape. Getting an ideal climate it’s very easy to find out why Colombia is probably the largest flower exporters in the world.

Within the coffee farm you’ll learn the operation of making coffee within the plant prior to the cup and you’ll understand the daily information on Colombian coffee cooperatives who still produce coffee in the traditional and fair way.

The coffee finca (farm) that individuals visit is very conventional many small family companies in Colombia who offer an exclusive coffee that, clearly, you are getting to taste.

We’ll stroll using the coffee plantation since the farm manager explains the origins of coffee, starting with growing the healthiest plants to collecting the red coffee cherries that are eventually processed into dried eco-friendly pinto beans. After accumulating an effective appetite within the fresh country air, we’ll sit lower for just about any hearty and traditional Colombian style lunch.

Once your appetite is happy, you’ll read about the roasting method that takes the unscented eco-friendly beans and converts it to the wealthy brown bean that everybody knows and love full of flavor and succulent aroma. Listen carefully since the coffee player explains the key factor characteristics from the great coffee, in scent and taste, and shares steps to make an excellent cup of joe in your house.

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Getting seen the painstakingly manual process required to develop, harvest, dry, roast, grind then brew coffee you’ll never take this everyday drink without any consideration again. Within the finish in the tour you’ll possess the opportunity to buy freshly roasted, export-quality coffee from its source. Collect an authentic special memory of Colombia you could tell buddies (or drink by yourself)!

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An Inside Look on a Colombian Coffee Farm


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