Anybody ever attempted infusing cold-brew coffee in milk rather water? : coffee

Anybody ever attempted infusing cold-brew coffee in milk rather water? : coffee new ways

I do not mean putting coffee grinds in water for any couple of hrs, after which flowing the end result in milk, I am talking about departing the grinds in milk for hrs rather (within the fridge, obviously)

Has anybody attempted this? I have googled it, and all sorts of I appear to locate is people adding milk afterwards.

I am just wondering if the continues to be attempted and unsuccessful. Whether it has, I will not waste my coffee. Otherwise, I am searching to experiment.

edit: And So I gave it a go. Used to do my usual 4:1 ratio inside a mason jar. It’s relaxing in my fridge now, I’ll provide 12 hrs. I in addition have a jar of standard coffee, with water, browsing the fridge by using it. Tomorrow I’ll filter them out, and perform some experimenting. Fingers entered.

Edit 2: Sorry for that wait! My answers are much like this user’s publish. It’s wealthy, a little over extracted, and "smokier". It’s a little more bitter compared to water brew, however the milk takes that edge off, a great deal.

Anyway, here’s the entire story:

Coarse grind, medium roast coffee inside a mason jar with 4x just as much cold milk, 2%. Within the fridge alongside a water-based brew. I let both take about 13 hrs (I did not take exact occasions, that was silly. I am by using this publish like a reference)

Today, I introduced them to strain. The straining was markedly harder, however i managed. Paper towel within cheap metal coffee filter have been effective. I finished up losing about 15-20% from the milk in to the grind could not squeeze it.

Using the two brews filtered and all sorts of set, I attempted them 3 various ways: Right out the jar, nothing added. Inside a cup, half french press coffee, half cold brew + sugar. Inside a cup, with chocolate milk contributing to 2/5 cold brew. The second two are how I love to enjoy cold brew. Not keen on the microwaved stuff.

The straight sips were both uncomfortable, as always. I do not like coffee without sugar. The milk wasn’t especially bitter, nevertheless the taste did appear to linger way more than water.

Half-hot-half-cold was where my experience arranged probably the most with /u/xscientist. Like I stated earlier, wealthy, over-extracted a little, smoky, a little more bitter. Unsure basically loved the milk one within the water one. I saw myself enjoying either, with respect to the mood.

The chocolate milk was where this shined probably the most. It had been amazing. Very wealthy, not bitter whatsoever. Outshone water brew with a lot. Without getting to include water, the milk was much less diluted. Sadly, I haven’t got most articulate palate, so that all I’m able to say could it have been was scrumptious.

I’ll be fiddling around with this particular later on. Because of /u/hitthehead for that point about hydrophobic/hydrophilic components in coffee. The next time I attempt this I’ll allow it to take about 6-8 hrs, instead of 12 or even more. There’s lots of variables to tweak: Differing types and %of milk, grind size, extraction time, roast darkness, there might be some sous-vide techniques, etc.

As well as the new ways to prepare cold brew. Basically had much more of it, I’d make some buttered coffee, maybe drank it straight over ice with sugar. I am sure the outcomes might have ongoing to differ in interesting ways.

I believe the most crucial factor I believed out was it has potential. That We think is exciting. If something completely blows my thoughts, I’ll make certain to talk about it here.