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In Coffee shop disadvantage leche, a documentary about legendary cuban filmmaker Nicolás Guillén Landrián, director Manuel Zayas brilliantly uses the identical narrative and structural techniques pioneered by Landrián, to supply a portrait from the late director. Highly censored throughout his lifetime (only 3 of his 18 documentaries ever screened), Landrián, or Nicolasito because he is passionately known, belonged to some movement of cuban documentary filmmakers throughout the 60’s-70’s (that also incorporated such greats as Santiago Alvarez), who have been worried about pushing technical in addition to artistic limits in our knowledge of exactly what a documentary is, and mixing it with effective images and messages.

These highly questionable films broke using the tradition of observational documentary film, along with the then popular cinema verité from the French or direct cinema in the United kingdom. Landrián and the colleagues were artists whose films were more personally significant, similar to the recent work of Bruce Weber. Landrián also implored such techniques as multi-layered seem design (as much as 26 tracks, uncommon for documentaries), in addition to staccato-like jump cuts and reverse and slow-motion action that puts the very best efforts on MTV to shame. Bear in mind these films appeared to be produced in the 1960’s.

Manuel Zayas respects Landrián’s aesthetic, adopting it as being their own, because he recounts Landrián’s existence. Using a lot of Landrián’s unseen film footage in Coffee shop disadvantage leche, Zayas pays homage towards the legend, who had been an innovative thinker and one of the numerous censored geniuses who history has forgotten.

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