Coffee with milk in irish gaelic

coffee with milk = caife le bainne

Disclaimer: this translation was obtained from our Bitesize Irish Gaelic program. There might be more context for this translation than we are able to show for non-people. For instance, do not get a tattoo with this translation above!


caife le bainne koff-ay leh bon-ya coffee with milk

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It is really an approximate pronunciation from the phrase:

koff-ay leh bon-ya

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What’s Irish Gaelic?

Kenmare County Cork Ireland

Kenmare, County Kerry. It is a beautiful place in Ireland.

You desired to obtain the translation for “coffee with milk” in Gaelic. Now’s your opportunity to dive much deeper!

Irish Gaelic may be the native ancient living language of eire.

It’s two 1000 years of age.

You may refer to it as “Gaelic”. However that can result in confusion using the related language spoken in Scotland.

In Ireland, we simply refer to it as “the Irish language”, or just “Irish”.

For those who have Irish bloodstream, your ancestors spoke Irish Gaelic.

Why You Need To Learn how to Speak Some Irish Gaelic

Larkins pub in Garrykennedy

Larkin’s pub in Garrykennedy, County Tipperary, Ireland. It’s across the shores of Lough Derg.

You’ve always felt that longing to visiting Ireland, right? There is something magical about this.

Speaking even somewhat Irish Gaelic enables you to create a real, much deeper connection together with your Irish heritage.

Imagine utilizing a little Irish Gaelic around the locals next time you visit Ireland. You’ll place a smile around the locals’ faces!

How Do I Learn Irish Gaelic?

Na hAoraí in County Kerry Ireland

Na hAoraí in County Kerry, Ireland. A attractive Irish village.

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Sheep in Ireland

Traffic (sheep) jam in Ireland. They’ll only understand you if you are using Irish Gaelic together )

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