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Personally, I love my coffee early in the day, mid morning, late morning, all through the mid-day and almost every evening! 😉  Adding some crazy fun new recipes for your coffee break is much like getting a small vacation in the center of your entire day.

Isn’t it time for many coffee happiness??

Easy Coffee Recipes in your own home ::

Easy Mocha Shake Recipe

Awesome off on the hot day with this particular Easy Mocha Shake Recipe! It’s wealthy, creamy, and ridiculously scrumptious!

Easy Mocha Shake Recipe

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Have some extra start working the pants with this strong, great tasting Cold Brew Coffee Recipe!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Easy Coffee Slush Recipe

Give a little spring for your step and a few chillax for your summer time with this particular Coffee Slush Recipe!

Easy Coffee Slush Recipe

The Key to master Iced Coffee

Keep the favorite iced coffee perfect with this Secret to master Iced Coffee Cubes!

Perfect Iced Coffee

Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

“Give your morning mug of coffee a scrumptious makeover with this Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

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6 Easy Coffee Recipes You Need To Try!


Raagini Bora: I cringe every time someone says CHAI TEA.

Helen Rowlett-Barbu: Ramen noodles :P

• ira vlogs: i can easily see her grow into a big youtuber, her effort and hard work can be seen in her videos, best of luck jennifer! <3

Andressa Mendonça: Is this coffee or tea? Never seen a coffee so weak like that! 😂

liseg89: ooooh I'm so trying the last one. I usually just have my cups of coffee (2-3 every day for me) black with a dash of sugar.

Farihah Baksh: Whisky is from Scotland so should it not be called Scottish coffee?

Action Mayne: Farihah Baksh only Scotch is from Scotland

VladTheWizard: Your Irish coffee recipe is completely wrong

accessorisebaby15: Could u do a video on coffee like this but for people who don't like the taste of coffee

LifelessGamer98: Also a video on vegan steaks to top it off