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4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

Full disclosure: I really like coffee.

Admittedly, I arrived to the coffee game a little late in existence since i have didn’t depend onto it to obtain me through finals attending college. Rather, I came across coffee’s flavor and benefits after i began my which you may in advertising.

There is nothing beats that elixir of existence three within the mid-day after i was searching lower the barrel of the night time deadline. Give a dose of kids, family activities, along with a full-time career years later and yes…I love coffee.

Once the weather gets hotter, I’m oh-so-lower for that joys of the iced coffee! At times iced coffee just hits the place much better than anything available.

Since I’ve established my passion for this beautiful beverage, let’s type in the Starbucks (or Peet’s or perhaps your favorite local coffee establishment) factor. Yes, coffee drinks for any coffee lover can also add up rapidly!

When these coffee treats grew to become a sizable slice from the cake within my family’s monthly finance cake chart, I made the decision the time had come to learn to make a few of these iced wonders personally.

These iced coffee recipes are ideal for summer time, which healthy coffees can be created hot, hot, hot! to warm you up during the cold months.

Steps to make Iced Coffee: Cooling Your Brew within the Fridge

My first discovery within this pursuit of home-made iced coffee recipes is there are many different ways to create your base coffee.

We begin using the easiest version, which would be to brew a powerful batch of hot coffee while you would any morning, then transfer the brew towards the fridge and chill the resulting liquid. When your pitcher is chilled through, you may enjoy iced coffee anytime.

This process requires no new equipment and it is really quite simple so it’s most likely the quickest method of getting your house-based iced coffee station began.

As an additional benefit, my recommendation is to create a batch of coffee ice while you’re in internet marketing. Simply pour coffee that’s been cooled to 70 degrees into ice trays and freeze. Keep these prepared for that Iced Americano recipe below!

Steps to make Iced Coffee: How you can Cold-Brew Coffee

Now if you wish to jump in to the most recent trend in coffee making, it’s time for you to start your iced coffee journey by looking into making cold made coffee.

Throughout the cold-brew process, time replaces heat, so the bottom line is this really is ground coffee drenched in cold water to have an long time (between 5-24 hrs), then pressed to produce a scrumptious coffee concentrate that turns into a chilled form of your morning cup o’ Joe.

The easiest recipe I discovered would be a french press version on Epicurious. Cold-made coffee brings forward a well-balanced and distinctively smooth mug of coffee, ready to enjoy in some of the tasty recipes the following.

1. Iced Americano Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

The Americano is refreshing in the simplicity and a terrific way to cut unnecessary sugar from your existence without quitting the flavour of coffee that you simply love.

Best created using the effectiveness of cold made coffee or espresso, the Americano is pure coffee enjoyment. Here’s steps to make it!


• 2 ounces cold-pressed coffee or espresso

• 6 ounces water

• Ice (I favor coffee ice to reduce dilution)


1. Fill a 12-ounce glass to top with ice or coffee ice

2. Add water

3. Add coffee or espresso and stir

2. Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

If skipping the cream and sugar isn’t how you love to enjoy your Americano, There is a sweeter variation that you should try: the Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

With this scrumptious version, help make your Americano as instructed above, but drizzle a couple of+ Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk on the top of the coffee. Give a a little your chosen milk (half and half is exactly what we advise) and stir.

Soon you will be experiencing the creamy goodness of what’s prone to become the perfect new favorite iced coffee.

3. Iced Salted Caramel Latte Recipe

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

A flavored latte is commonly my go-to morning coffee of preference, therefore it was natural that i can find its iced coffee equivalent.

As it turned out, I really found an iced coffee product which requires no brewing, no cold pressing, with no waiting overnight that i can enjoy that latte goodness.

Can it be true?

Yes, and it is produced by Folgers! However this isn’t your grandma and grandpa Folgers Coffee…this is really a tasty and instantly gratifying latte that you could make within 5 minutes flat.

The Folgers Iced Café line is available in four flavors and they’re created using 100 % coffee extracts without any sugar or preservatives added. Just five ingredients and you’re moving toward convenient and attractive iced coffee anytime.

4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

I discovered my Folgers Iced Café at Target, but they’re available too at many supermarkets. Make sure to check for a Folgers coupon, too!

 4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff


• 2 squeezes (~1+ teaspoon) Folgers Iced Café Caramel Macchiato (Original Latte flavor also works)

• 1 cup milk (your choice on kind of milk — I simply love half and half)

• 2 teaspoons caramel syrup

• 1 teaspoon sugar

• Pinch of ocean salt

• Ice

• Optional: Whipped cream


1. Combine Folgers Iced Café, milk, caramel, sugar, and salt inside a tall glass. Using whisk or spoon, mix enough to froth milk a little.

2. Add ice into glass and pour coffee mixture outrageous.

3. Add whipped cream and drizzle with a lot more caramel syrup along with a couple of grains of ocean salt.

4. Add straw and revel in!

4. Mocha Frappe Recipe

 4 Iced Coffee Recipes That Are a Real Wake-Up Call  thegoodstuff

Iced coffee recipes just wouldn’t be complete with out them for any blended, icy coffee frappe! That one will certainly please your mid-day iced coffee craving with no trip with the Starbucks or McDonald’s drive through.

Get this to scrumptious frozen mocha at home and revel in!


• 1 1/2-2 cups crushed ice (you can include coffee ice for extra coffee flavor)

• 2 ounces cold pressed coffee (if using cooled regular coffee, use 3/4 cup)

• 3/4 cup milk of preference

• two tablespoons sugar

• two tablespoons chocolate syrup

• Optional: Whipped cream


1. Add all ingredients (aside from whipped cream) into blender.

2. Add blender for 45 seconds to at least one minute, making certain all ice is well combined with ingredients.

3. Pour into glass and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzle.

4. Give a straw for simple sipping!

Resourse: http://coupons.com/thegoodstuff/iced-coffee-recipes/

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