Quick iced coffee recipe

I am an iced-coffee addict, but my clock and wallet don’t always offer the habit. Homemade cold-brew coffee is excellent, but let us be genuine — nobody has here we are at that, and purchasing one every single day is not what you want either. And So I attempted to find the reply to my caffeine needs, which iced-coffee hack could it be. You will get strong, creamy iced coffee in under two minutes because of one magical component — instant coffee.

I made use of Colombian instant coffee from Trader Joe’s because this is where I shop, but you should use any ground instant coffee you’ll find. The recipe is beyond easy. First, warm up a few tablespoons water (in both the microwave, stovetop, or electric kettle) until boiling. Pour right into a glass cup, then add a heaping spoonful from the coffee granules.

Fill the cup midway together with your creamer of preference (I made use of unsweetened almond milk) along with a little vanilla bean simple syrup for sweetness (vanilla almond milk works great, too). Make sure to leave enough room to top having a couple handfuls of ice.

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How to Make Quick 2-Minute Iced Coffee