Kahlua’s exotic coffee addition

The launch of recent flavors is really a main concern because the Kahlua brand was acquired by Pernod Ricard at the end of 2005. So, available this month, Kahlua Mocha will join the household of premium coffee liqueurs, including original Kahlua, Kahlua Especial, Kahlua French Vanilla and Kahlua Hazelnut in retail as well as on-premise locations within the U . s . States. Created using a mix of 100 % Arabica coffee, natural vanilla and real chocolates, Kahlua Mocha plan to offer consumers a different way to savor their coffee liqueur and retailers the chance to boost category profitability. Kahlua Mocha could be enjoyed over ice, in contemporary cocktails or like a twist on classic Kahlua drinks. "Mocha consistently ranks like a favorite among both our consumers and occasional drinkers [Source: 2006 Coffee Consuming Trends Report, NCA of USA], therefore we are confident that they’ll benefit from the pairing of Mocha using the unique flavor of Kahlua," states Cyril Claquin, senior v . p . of promoting for Malibu – Kahlua Worldwide.  Susan Kilgore, Kahlua brand director for Pernod Ricard USA, adds, "We’ll offer the launch of Mocha with consumer in-store sampling, where legal, a 50 mL trial program and specifically designed POS materials including situation cards and shelf talkers." Additionally, Kahlua is inviting customers to try many new recipes for example:

Mocha Freeze
  1 part Kahlua Mocha
  2 parts coffee
  2 scoops frozen treats OR 2 parts cream
  Combine ingredients in blender.
  Blend and pour into glass.

Resourse: https://consumergoods.com/

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