Cannery (tropico 3 and 4)


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Tropico 3 & 4 Soundtrack (Full)


Lukegriz77: Presidente, \nWe have an opportunity to alter the amount of likes in this video to truly show how the people of Tropico feel about your soundtrack.\n\n1. No my people love me! (Leave amount of likes alone)\n2. Better safe than sorry (alter amount of likes)

MrGelzo81: +Lukegriz77 genius

Andreas Ecker: Tropico 4 is basically an stand alone expansion to Tropico 3. It is better because stuff has been improved but basically it is Tropico 3.5

Herbivore The Carnivore: Are YOU a rebel?

Castrelspirit: Weren't you in the civ 5 ost

Patchara Methajittiphan: you need a bigger gun!

Blurgh: Good morning tropico! I am Juanito, and this is Tropico News Today! \nBreaking news!: A Llama has attempted to assasainate El Presidente's Favorite Hat! The hat is in grave condition. Meanwhile, animal activists accross the island are boycotting El Presidente, demanding the Llama's release.

Jeremy Salkeld: It's set in a Caribbean nation, and is particularly based upon Cuba, which was once the Spanish powerbase in the Caribbean. Hence, Spanish-style music.

Filipe Amaral: Three rebels disliked this video.

MrGelzo81: +Filipe Amaral 20 by now… maybe a guard tower or two?