Brasiljuta – about us ::

BRASILJUTA Eco-friendly Coffee, a Brazilian company established in 2002 located in São Paulo, South america.

The primary goal would be to export "Produced in South america" coffee.

We sell eco-friendly espresso beans created within the mountain tops of Mogiana, Sul de Minas as well as in the Cerrado Mineiro region these 3 regions are characterised by manual work, including handling coffee plantation and harvest, since their topography doesn’t allow any type of mechanization.

The coffee is handpicked on the cloth, staying away from the beans’ connection with the soil.

The coffee processing is conducted quickly to prevent any chance of bean fermentation. The harvested coffee crop is instantly transferred in the plantation to wet processing, in which the cherry and eco-friendly beans are separated in the dry grain. Then, the peas are scattered around the terraces for drying. Meanwhile, the cherries and eco-friendly beans are come to the hulling machine, in which the cherries get their pulp removed and therefore are separated in the eco-friendly beans.

The hulled coffee is sun-dried in terraces before the beans achieve 20% humidity. At this time, the coffee is used in the dryers to lessen humidity to 11%. Subsequently, the coffee lots are put inside a warehouse, with controlled levels humidity and free from odors that may modify the coffee at this time we are able to bag the coffee (jute bags), producing a product from the greatest quality. If you’re searching for Eco-friendly Espresso Beans, created in South america, having a very competitive cost and quality, make contact with us, we provide many different characteristics of coffee with certification of origin and quality for that export market.

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