Dc’s best in your area roasted coffee

From single origin, freshly ground glasses of pour over boasting citrus and floral flavor notes, to expertly extracted fair trade espresso, the Electricity coffee scene is buzzing. While coffee houses are available around virtually every street corner and change from cute and neighborhoody to fast and take-outy, local roasters are maintaining your art work within the coffee business and serving up probably the most scrumptious caffeine fixes found. Take a look at these Electricity coffee roasters doing the work right and give a local twist for your morning ritual.

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar
Multiple Locations

The great-coffee, happy-customer bicycle enthusiasts at Filter use specifically selected varietal beans roasted by local Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis, MD. They’re renowned for their Cappuccino (the Australian question from lower under that mixes 2 shots of espresso with 5 ounces of creamy streamed milk) and also the local pastry options (delivered daily) are difficult to pass through as a co-star for your morning cup. With locations in Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom (no laptops permitted, just unadulterated coffee enjoying only at that location) and Brookland, Filter has your caffeine fix covered wherever you roam within the city.

Harrar Coffee & Roastery
2904 Georgia Ave NW Washington, Electricity 20001
Harrar Coffee & Roastery Washington DC
Based on the pros at Harrar Coffee & Roastery, quality coffee roasting is “a little science, just a little intuition and lots of taste.” Only using the best all-Ethiopian beans, they at Harrar aims to create the special coffee culture of Ethiopia towards the Electricity area inside a family-based model that celebrates tradition and excellence in each and every pour. Additionally they realize that the right cup is really a personal taste and permit you to sample their coffees before buying them, with expert coffee roasters waiting that will help you discover the bean which makes your heart—and your mind, at 6 am—sing.

M.E. Swing Coffee Roasters
1702 G St NW Washington, Electricity 20006
M.E. Swing Coffee Roasters Washington DC
Born in 1916, M. E. Swing is definitely an old time Electricity coffee tradition which has truly done its homework in catching to the new school of all things caffeine. Including a cupping lab where experts look for the peerlessly flavored sip along with a large glass window behind the bar by which customers can view ethically-sourced beans custom roasted, Swing’s prioritizes transparency at each step of the intricate process. A hop, skip along with a steaming cup in the White-colored House, M. E. Swing is frequented by politicians going to the Hill, local coffee enthusiasts and interested vacationers alike. Sip your preferred cup of brew or expertly pulled espresso internally and don’t miss the approaching Public Coffee Cuppings offered by the Alexandria Cupping Lab.

Sidamo Coffee & Tea
417 H St NE Washington, Electricity 20002

The caffeine fiends at Sidamo Coffee & Tea visit the corners of the world to recover the greatest quality organic, fair trade, shade grown espresso beans, then roast them internally daily for the sniffing and sipping pleasure. Sidamo also provides a number of carefully selected teas (with available pot service) along with a menu of breakfast and lunch goodies to fuel your entire day. Are available in on the Sunday at 2 pm to savor the weekly Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

Zeke’s Coffee of Electricity
2300 Rhode Island Ave NE Washington, Electricity 20018
Zeke' /><br />Family managed since its Baltimore maqui berry farmers’ market beginnings, Zeke’s utilizes a high-tech fluid bed coffee roaster to uniformly roast each specifically selected bean. Found in the rising Woodridge neighborhood, Zeke’s roasts small, ten-pound batches of fair trade and <a href='~id-346organic espresso beans in single origin and special blend varieties. Join their Coffee Club and check out another number of expertly roasted beans weekly, bi-regular. Coffee Club beans have a card detailing tasting notes and also the farm of origin for the coffee consuming and know-how pleasure.

Qualia Coffee
3917 Georgia Ave NW Washington, Electricity 20011
Qualia Coffee Washington DC
The place to find Fresh From the Roast small-batch coffee roasters, Qualia Coffee focuses on lately harvested beans collected worldwide and roasted perfectly within their shop. Qualia turns off its Wireless connect to the a week ago of each and every month to inspire people to relax, unplug and sip in peace. Four-legged buddies are welcome on the back and front patios at Qualia (filled with water dishes and also the periodic treat given out with a friendly barista), so take the dog as well as your appetite for any scrumptious cup of joe.

Compass Coffee
1535 seventh St NW Washington, Electricity 20001

Began by a set of ex-Marines who glued more than a shared passion for their coffee ritual while deployed, Compass Coffee runs using the key so good coffee, just like a trustee compass, “helps you receive your bearings and points you within the right direction.” Proprietors Harrison Suarez and Michael Haft combine a love for coffee with finely tuned technology to make sure each cup is actually scrumptious. They import select, fairly traded, periodic beans then roast up single origin delights and flavorful blends utilizing a self-designed computerized roaster that transmits specific data about each small batch for an online interface where they read the specs before producing bigger batches. Browse the Washington Publish article concerning the high-tech, coffee-loving duo then mind towards the look for a really tasty pour.

Java House
1645 Q Street, NW Washington, Electricity 20009

According to worldwide traditions of coffee roasting, Java House invites DCers to “enjoy a freshly made cup of java inside a neighborhood setting.” The coffee shop delivers exquisite and worldwide glasses of coffee, espresso drinks along with a tempting menu of breakfast and lunch treats (filled with a comprehensive listing of espresso milkshake choices). Stay in for any scrumptious cup of joe or perhaps a blueberry mocha.

Vigilante Coffee Company

4327 Gallatin St Hyattsville, MD 20781

Chris Vigilante created a passion for coffee along with a talent for roasting while residing in Hawaii. This Year, Chris introduced the love to the landmass to begin Vigilante Coffee and produce finely selected, directly sourced coffee from around the globe to Electricity. Expertly made within the shop or roasted to buy to consider home, from Colombian to Indonesian, Vigilante’s roasts don’t dissatisfy. Once the weather turns hot, the coffee geniuses at Vigilante offer an average cold brew to help keep you awesome and wired all summer time lengthy. Browse the approaching occasions located at a shop and add this Electricity coffee jewel for your summer time to-do list.

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The Best Coffee Substitutes


Timothy Moriarty: There is no substitute for coffee, plain and simple.

LMFAO: Timothy Moriarty I have a feeling Timothy , you're the type of person to like you're own comments.

Bob Ross: @LMFAO Oh yes! It's wonderful! I don't feel any residual effects at all. Only down side is, it makes your teeth brown and breath bad. so brushing is a must before bed. Brushing ruins the taste for me,that's why I do it before bed.

Jennifer Myers: Roasted Dandelion Root tea (I buy the Traditional Medicinals brand; organic, non-GMO) is a FANTASTIC beverage. It tastes really good and is caffeine free, so it can be consumed anytime of the day. Dandelion Root has some evidence of aiding liver function and digestion, too, so if that's of interest to you, then I highly recommend you try it (I recommend it to everyone, regardless)!

Jennifer Myers: Sounds good!!

Briar Rose: Jennifer Myers My daughter sings it's praises too! She LOVES it! Plain and made Keto. We only buy Traditional Medicinals too. I am really not sure if there is a health difference between the roasted and the root varieties though. In some places they actually call it Dandelion Coffee and it is the main morning drink. I bet they all have healthy livers. I did read though that it shouldn't be consumed for more than 2 weeks at a time, then take a break. Not sure why.

jgreg95: Avoid caffeine? What you talkin' bout Willis?

Briar Rose: jgreg95 Cover your eyes if you must, but drink that morning brew. Lol

Le Karkx M: Anything gluten free?

Briar Rose: Karkx M Traditional Medicinals Dandelion tea. In some countries they actually call it Dandelion Coffee.