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I understand It’s my job to publish crafts or DIY projects associated with the house, however if you simply think about it that lots of households can’t be considered a happy home without coffee, i then guess this publish will do the job. 😉 Personally, I’ve never been an espresso drinker. (Gasp! I understand!) My hubby, Chris, however, drinks enough for that the two of us and that he is continuing to grow very interested while roasting their own beans and preparing the “perfect” mug of coffee. Today I’ve partnered with him to create a tutorial for the way to roast espresso beans on a tight budget without investing in an costly coffee roasting machine. We will take you step-by-step through his entire process, filled with advice on creating your ideal cup of home roasted coffee.

What you’ll need:

  • Old-fashioned heat popcorn popper (Chris recommends older models like West Bend’s The Poppery or Poppery II). We found ours on eBay that is a good source, or check rummage sales, thrift stores, or perhaps your granny’s attic room. We’d one of these simple machines within my childhood — who understood I’d finish track of a different one much like it at some point! The device must run at 1200-1500 watts. Newer air poppers don’t get hot enough to roast the beans evenly. Decent coffee roasting machines cost hundreds of dollars, which means this method saves lots of money!

Use an old school popcorn machine to roast your own coffee beans!Use an old school popcorn machine to roast your own coffee beans!

  • Large mesh or metal colander. (Or more.)
  • Box or bowl to put while watching popper.
  • Oven Mitt
  • Airtight Container
  • Calculating Cup (1/2 cup or 2/3 cup)
  • Eco-friendly (raw) espresso beans.

How to Roast Coffee Beans (the inexpensive way!)How to Roast Coffee Beans (the inexpensive way!)

(Chris states, “I like Sweet Maria’s  of these. They’re a business from Oakland, CA that stocks plenty of eco-friendly espresso beans from around the globe, in addition to coffee roasting equipment and other associated products, as well as their web site is pretty simple to use. There are also firms that sell eco-friendly espresso beans, so that you can look around to determine that which you prefer.”)

How you can Roast Espresso Beans:

Step One:

Measure out about 1/2 to twoOr3 cup of eco-friendly espresso beans and pour them in to the air popper. Don’t put anymore than 2/3 cup (1/2 cup is actually best) since the beans might not roast evenly.

How to roast your own coffee beans using an old school popcorn machine!How to roast your own coffee beans using an old school popcorn machine!

Step Two:


Adventures in Popper Roasting Coffee Beans for Espresso


Leon Shaner: My latest adventure in roasting espresso beans at home.  =D\n\nAdventures in Popper Roasting\n\n\nI'm new to home coffee roasting and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a roaster before learning the basics of how the process works. Starting with an air popper has been very educational and fun for me, and so far I am very pleased with the results.\n\nI figure that I will keep roasting coffee every week this way until I burn out the popper and then I will buy a very nice home roaster (if not a small-scale "professional" roaster).\n\nBackground information…\n\nFirst roast:\n\n\nModding the popper (adding the temperature probe):\n\n\nFirst taste:\n\n\nSecond Roast:\n\n\nHistory…\n\nRebuilding my espresso machine at the 10-year mark:\n\n\nReference:\nInspiration:\n(a la David Schomer)\n\nMusic: "Afraid" by The Silent Alarm, featuring Shelley Harland\n\n#CaffeLatteArt #CafeLatteArt #CoffeeArt #LatteArt #Barista\n#Coffee #Espresso #CoffeeBeans #CoffeeRoasting #PopperRoasting #DavidSchomer #EspressoVivace

garry wiersum: Your Video saved me. Thanks so much. I bought the same cuisinart popper and couldn't figure out why everything was just blowing out. (duhhh) very powerful fan. kicked it up to 150g then back to 147g. PERFECT. This is my first year of roasting. Last year I sold 900lbs of red coffee cherries to my local farmers coop. then 40lbs to a small processor up the mountain for home use. this year one of the workers spread a BUNCH of coffee cherries on black plastic sheets on the ground for the sun to dry. He then after several weeks of drying he removed the dried flesh with a very very old hand grinder. Last week he gave about 20 lbs of green Costa Ricas best for the house with 75lbs still drying

Jim Davis: I use a nostalgia popcorn popper from public Grocery. $20. Has slits on side not on the bottom. It moves the beans in a circular motion and works Great.

Edwin Recinos: how did you modified your popper?

MAVR: I remove my beans from the popper when the second crack starts, when i've gone past that moment the coffee ends up being too bitter

frankie pacheco: Hi Leon my name is frankie can you tell me the name web side to buy the pop machine to roast coffee. my email

DragRacingTV: nice vid leon, that info about the temps was useful… i have been using essentially the same high wattage air popper that you show in the video, but i have modded it by strapping the big plastic cover down to the body with tie wraps… i fill the popper up to nearly the top of the metal rim, then hold it at a shallow angle, moving it slowly back and forth on the same plane, basically shaking the beans up… it mixes the beans better, so they roast more evenly, and the excess heat blows out instead of pooling up at the bottom, so there is better control over the roast time… it is no substitute for a hottop roaster tho!

Big R T: Found out if u use a wooden spoon and help them move around a little better they don't burn or u could pan roast them and they won't get oily on u to